Word from the Lord

“It’s Time For Your Time Of Refreshing!”
Tired of words but no action?,
well that is all about to finally change because God is moving and declaring that it’s time for your time of refreshing and restoration and nothing can hold it back this time!
So no matter how jaded and skeptical you feel right now, it’s time to get your faith and hope back again and to believe that the God who has given you all of these words and promises does not lie and will act accordingly at the proper time very powerfully and without delay! And that time is now!; it is not later, and your job right now is just to repent and forgive fully and to tell God that you will walk through any door He chooses to open without conditions no matter what condition you are in right now. You didn’t get into the wilderness by yourself and you will not get out of the wilderness by yourself, but by the mighty delivering Hand that delivered the Israelites from their wilderness.
There actually is a Promised Land ministry for you and you are about to step into it!
So it doesn’t matter how old, broken down, heartbroken, or weary you might feel right now; it only matters that you are willing to follow God’s leading and to be fully obedient to everything the Holy Spirit directs you to do up ahead as this wonderful time unfolds.
Sometimes you can be in a tough situation for so long that you have a hard time trusting or having hope anymore, but the Lord only allowed you to go through all of these trials and testing’s in order to mature and purify you enough so that you could stand strong and stay clean as you walk through all of the higher level spiritual warfare and temptations that await you in this final harvest of souls just before Jesus returns for His bride.
This is the world’s (and Christians) last chance to repent and God is going to pull out all of the stops in order to reach and save everyone. So get excited because it’s time for your time of refreshing, restoration, rejuvenation, vindication, and all that God has promised you so long ago!
AC 3:19 Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord.