Five Bible-Based Decrees

Five Bible-Based Decrees

I decree that:

1. God’s favor in my life is priceless—more valuable than silver or the finest of gold. (Proverbs 22:1)

2. Favor surrounds me like a shield. It covers and protects me from fear and rejection. (Psalm 5:12)

3. God’s favor in my life increases positive influence with my family, friends, and in my workplace and community. (Luke 2:52)

4. I continue to grow daily in favor and receive favor every place I go. (Luke 2:52)

5. The Lord favors me. He confirms and establishes my hands, so that all I put my hands to is blessed. (Psalm 90:17)


Favor is a “blessing magnet” that God wants you to enjoy because you are His precious daughter. Imagine yourself walking in absolute favor. Make a list of the areas in your life where you do not experience favor. Then take time to ponder, dream, and imagine those areas saturated with God’s favor. Pray for your dream to become a reality.