What is needed

Once I found out my beloved son went into the LGBT rebellion and now sadly deep into the LGBT rebellion I would need counseling now doing monthly counseling Offline and online fellowship Offline good 25+ yrs strong now So no problems there. Now offline a whole different story ball game to deal with. For been spiritual raped wounded by churches, and I am good to pray forgive but attend I say no thank you there. So suggestion was small home group Ended up being Sunday Night prayer and women’s Bible study that I faithfully attend and loving it. I must or might not make it to Sunday morning service due to being spiritual raped. But Lord understands completely and fully and that surely good enough for me.

If have a prodigal child you more than likely will need counseling offline online fellowship Can testify it helps you deal with a prodigal child You know you not alone Going through this storm by yourself So extremely helpful and prayerfully take this lead I pray AMEN \0/