Mommy Love

A Mom Never Stops Loving Her Child

Parents do feel the pain their addicted children and those who are in prison struggle within their lives but moms and grandmoms have a special bond with their children a bond that dads don’t. I’m not saying dads don’t love their children because they do. They just don’t have this kind of bond with them. Mom’s and grandmoms can feel the true inside struggles their hurting children go through. It would make my happy feet dance with joy when knowing my mom was still enjoying her life. This was my prayer for her and my family. It is not easy to separate the two. I’d feel a feeling of real peace and joy when I was in prison reading a letter from my mom and her telling me she had gone fishing, caught a big fish and enjoyed a picnic with the family. Of course, I would miss that I was not there with them. Tears of happiness when reading her letters of hope would run down my cheeks but they were tears of healing to my soul. I never once wanted her to give up her life because of my bad choices and be in prison with me in her mind. Yes, I always wanted her by my side and believe me I knew she was.No matter how messed up I was I’ve always known down deep in my heart that my mom loved me unconditionally. She hated the horrible things I would do so to support my drug habit but never for once did she stop loving me. I could always hear my mom’s soft voice speaking to my heart telling me it was wrong what I was doing. I could feel her gentle arms around me when I was passed out and nearly overdosed in the front seat of my car and not knowing how I ended up where I was when I woke up the next morning. Her whispers would gently ask me to stop what I was doing to my life before I ended up dead or killing someone myself in my crazy rage. Tears would be running down her cheeks as she comforted me. I’ll never forget these memories of the pain I caused her broken heart. Even more so when I went to prison and my life was beginning to change from the inside out because Jesus had come into my life I never wanted her to imprison herself for the rest of her life. I know she would never stop thinking of me and my safety but I wanted her to know I was okay and for her to live her life each and every day free in her heart. Eventually, when she saw the change in my life I see her enjoying her life as well. When she passed away many years before I was released from prison I knew she was resting in peace knowing I was going to be just fine because Jesus was in my life. To this very moment as I’m sitting at my desk writing this devotion and writing it as a free man for nearly twenty years now, I can feel her breath whispering in my ear, I’m so proud of you son and I love you so. This is what a mom’s love is all about. Isn’t it true?