Unshakable Hope
Unshakable Hope is a gift that is sent directly from Heaven above. Hope is the breath of our lives that we breathe out when our children are battling addictions, or sitting all alone in a prison cell. We hope they are safe, we hope they will stop doing drugs, and we hope they will stop committing crimes. We hope more than anything else that they will turn themselves around, let God renew their minds and transform them back to the healthy child we once knew and still love unconditionally. Our love hasn’t died for them because it is unconditional. Our love is the Hope we have for their lives. This is the same unshakable Hope that God has for all His children. Let’s join our hands of Hope today and let our prayers reach into the hearts of all our hurting children. May the Spirit Of God reach into their hearts and turn their lives inside out with the peace that passes all understanding. Never give up Hope when Jesus is on your side. He never leaves our children nor forsakes them as He never leaves us without His hope…Amen!
Quote Of Hope: In my past addictive and criminal life years ago I could and would come up with just about any kind of justification for my addictions and crimes. I used these justifications so to support my habit and I believed them to be true as a reality in the prisons of my mind.