“This was a few years ago. I was gothic and worshipped the devil. I was an atheist so I didn’t believe satan was real, so this was more of a rebellion against religion. How wrong I was, satan is very real and is deceiving and manipulating everyone on the planet. Last December I finally reached out to God and He turned my whole life around. He led me to His Son Jesus Christ in Sept 2019 and I was born again. In the last year I have stopped living a sinful life and have been regenerated by the Holy Spirit. All of my addictions and toxic behaviours fell from my life instantly. I suddenly wanted to be a good person and I turned from all things evil. I stopped watching horror movies, I stopped listening to heavy metal, I stopped drinking and doing drugs, I stopped partying, I stopped letting toxic people into my life, I stopped swearing, I stopped lying, I stopped cheating, I stopped fornicating, I stopped taking the Lord’s name in vain, I stopped being a terrible person and I started to trust in God!!! I cannot even express how much Jesus has changed my life. Praise the Lord and His power to create a child of God from being a child of the devil.
Believe on Jesus now and be set free. Salvation is a free Gift from the Lord! Turn to Him for eternal Life!
Praise Jesus, my Lord, my Savior, my King. Thank you Jesus for saving me. I love you forever. Amen.”