On Febuary 14 2017 we started another journey in our marriage that will forever change both of our lives as we know for ever . My spouse back went completly out and found out  has lumbar degenerative disc disease / lumbar radiculopathy .This put spouse completly out of work bringing our income down to zilch level with no warning no time to prepare etc… So causes high than low moments and we surely are no super dooper whooper whopper Christians and will not hide when we are low or  we are high and yes even between .We both are strong in the Lord and His Word the Bible.But this surely will test our faith and strengthen our faith in the Lord as well prayerfully .As we grow we pray you grow with us in this journey we find ourselves in .

We want you to know this is TEAM you are here for us and us for you . We are only a prayer away and take all praises and prayer request to the Lord as we receive them .